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Fantastic websites to represent your business.


We are big fans of ConcreteCMS (formerly Concrete5) and are ConcreteCMS website designers and developers.


ConcreteCMS is a content management system like WordPress but we think it's better and easier to use.


It makes it easy for you or your team to update your website simply and quickly.


Its ideal for business or organisation websites, that are clean, simple and modern in look and feel.




We are Wordpress website designers and builders. 

30% of the web uses WordPress as the basis for their website.


WordPress is a powerful system with over 45,000 plugins.


OBN can design and build WordPress websites including WooCommerce for eCommerce and payment processing.

Custom Website & Apps

We can design and build any type of web application you require.


Our experienced team of developers some with over 20 years experience in building systems can help your vision become a reality.


Designed from the ground up, we can develop your look and feel, your functionality and connect to other systems as required.


We design applications to be able to scale to any size. Our infrastructure also includes full monitoring of the application so we are able to identify issues quickly and resolve them.


Building on the Laravel framework allows us to ensure reliability, and flexibility as well.

Website Support

Our support team can help with any website issues, such as bugs, security problems, content not loading correctly and more.


Our UK based team can also proactively monitor your site, so we can fix issues as and when they arise without any need for you to inform us about a problem.


We support Wordpress, ConcreteCMS and custom built websites. We can normally support any site, anywhere even if they are located on your servers.

Website Maintenance

Most modern websites run on a content management platform like Wordpress or ConcreteCMS or even Magento.


These platforms need maintenance, regular updates to the code to prevent security issues or add new features.


We can monitor and maintain your website so it's kept up to date with the latest software to keep it running securely and with the latest features.


Our own servers run regular antivirus checks to make sure your website is not infected with malicious code.





Content Management

We can update your website with new content as required leaving you to get on with your day to day business activities.


We ensure the content is loaded correctly and formatted to be consistent with the existing website look and feel.


Websites load faster with optimised and correctly sized images. At OBN we have the full Adobe Creative Suite, so can edit, resize and optimise your images for your website.


Design Changes

If you have an existing website that needs a overhaul or just a few cosmetic changes then we can help.


We can take any website and adjust its look and feel, or introduce new features like live chat or cookie acceptance.



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Websites simplified.


OBN are based in the UK, and work closely with you to design, build, maintain and support your website. Our friendly team have been building websites for over a decade and are on hand to give advice when you need it.


Websites can date quickly, as technology moves forward very quickly, our creative designers build websites which will last and look modern for years to come. We can also take existing websites and give them a fresh look and feel.

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OBN Testimonial and IT Review
We appointed OBN as our IT people approximately 18 months ago. We have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and very reasonably priced.

David Fox


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Professional, courteous and personable. We have relied on the OBN team for many years to solve both operational and more complex IT queries. Highly recommended for IT support and other technical requirements.

Simon Elliot


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Excellent communication and knowledgeable, Robin went above and beyond and couldn’t of been more helpful if he tried.Got a job done that others stated was not possible.

Alex Whitam


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Stanley invested in the IP phone system in 2017 with the Yealink digital handsets. To date the phones have been faultless and can be configured to any requirement effortlessly. OBN were in and out in a day and have delivered exception support throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending this system which will add value to any size of business.

Graham Sharp


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Great attentive service and quick response times - well done OBN.

Chris Kent


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend to friends and businesses alike. Extremely knowledgeable and efficient service.

Steve Tarrant


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Great service and advice when needed.

Ian Taylor


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