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Scalable, unique and customised to your requirements.

Unique Applications

We can build any type of web application you require. Our experienced team of developers some with over 25 years experience in building systems can help your vision become a reality.


Designed from the ground up, we can develop your look and feel, your functionality and connect to other systems as required.

Scalable and Reliable

We design applications to be able to scale to any size. Our infrastructure also includes full monitoring of the application so we are able to identify issues quickly and resolve them.


Building on the Laravel framework allows us to ensure reliability, and flexibility as well.


Laravel Developers

Complete Support

We provide full on-going support when you need it so you have a reliable, trusted provider helping you in supporting your application and developing it as it grows.


Experienced Developers

We have been designing, building, re-developing and hosting web applications for nearly a decade. Our website designers have vast experience in creating all types of websites for businesses.


Our app development service is built on real world experience of building our own web applications (e.g. Black ICE CRM) which are scalable, enterprise ready and reliable.


We primarily develop using PHP and the Laravel framework, all work is completed to a high standard and tested by prior to going live. We provide full ongoing support for your application as well.


Web App Hosting

We can host any type of website application (SaaS), our team build website applications and host them to ensure data is secure, the service runs fast and scales with demand.


We run our own applications (Black ICE CRM is an example) this app is used worldwide and hosted across the UK and USA.


With over 10 years experience hosting web applications, you can rely on OBN to provide exception web application hosting and support.


Development Process

All web applications OBN develop and build run through a number of key stages as detailed below. 



Working with the client we determine what the end goal looks like for the website application. 



Next we will agree a first phase, agree what needs to be in the application to get it up and running. This will be defined in a first phase with all key deliverables detailed.



With regular meetings we will review progress of the first phase. OBN works in an Agile way, prioritising work based on these regular meetings.


Testing & Go Live

When ready we will test functionality in our test lab, which is accessible to the client as well. All work approved is put live in frequent code releases.

Development Practices

OBN adheres to some development standard and practices to enable faster development.


Source Code

OBN uses version control software for each deliverable we record what/how/when changes have been completed. This enables us to review changes/fix bugs quicker. Also all source code is stored off-site for redundancy.


Project Methodology

OBN follows the Agile methodology of development, where on regular meetings with clients we discuss priorities and quickly change to the clients current requirements.


Laravel Development

OBN uses Laravel as a core component of our custom web applications build. This enables faster development, re-use of code, and ultimately a reduced cost to the client for the development.


To discuss any of these points, please contact our development team and see how we can help your business achieve more with its own custom web app.

UK based development team.


OBN provides development based in the UK, we could outsource internationally, but find our model works better as our developers work closely with the client.


We find we achieve more and understand the UK market perfectly (as we are based here!).


OBN are very much part of your journey to a successful web application. Our experienced developers will be insights and advice along the process to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Speak to one of our development specialists to see how we can help you achieve your next business goal today.

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OBN Testimonial and IT Review
We appointed OBN as our IT people approximately 18 months ago. We have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and very reasonably priced.

David Fox


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Professional, courteous and personable. We have relied on the OBN team for many years to solve both operational and more complex IT queries. Highly recommended for IT support and other technical requirements.

Simon Elliot


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Excellent communication and knowledgeable, Robin went above and beyond and couldn’t of been more helpful if he tried.Got a job done that others stated was not possible.

Alex Whitam


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Stanley invested in the IP phone system in 2017 with the Yealink digital handsets. To date the phones have been faultless and can be configured to any requirement effortlessly. OBN were in and out in a day and have delivered exception support throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending this system which will add value to any size of business.

Graham Sharp


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Great attentive service and quick response times - well done OBN.

Chris Kent


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend to friends and businesses alike. Extremely knowledgeable and efficient service.

Steve Tarrant


OBN Testimonial and IT Review
Great service and advice when needed.

Ian Taylor


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